Had such a nice visit with mom yesterday. While her speech wasn’t very clear, she was talking quite a bit – I just couldn’t understand much of what she was saying. Generally, though, sans a few rough moments, she was in a sweet mood and was very loving. After sitting awhile, I asked if she wanted to go outside to enjoy the beautiful spring weather, and she responded with a nod.

She was unusually steady on her feet and faster (though still verrrry slow) than usual. And, she wanted to walk much longer than she normally does. Typically, a few steps up the driveway and she’s ready to go inside, but yesterday we walked about half the length of the lane twice, picking little flowers and cute miniature pinecones along the way.

I took this as she was apparently telling Deb how things were in her own animated way!

And, this is a photo one of the girls texted me earlier in the week. I absolutely love the big smile on her face! These are such real, raw moments!

Knowing she is so well cared for and so loved by the girls at Eason House gives me a sense of peace that I truly can’t describe. Does she have bad days? Absolutely. In fact, there are some hellish days, and those are the days when I worry about what the future holds. Fortunately, at this point, there are still more good days than bad.

… Until next time… Carpe diem…