I received a text from Susie this evening, asking that I call her.  Thankfully, she always clarifies that it’s not an emergency so that I don’t panic, but I have to say, I still dread seeing those messages.  Safe to say it isn’t typically good news.

As I dialed the phone, I ran several scenarios through my head… ah, what could it be??

Imagine my surprise upon learning that the only reason for the call was to tell me that today was a GOOD DAY for Mom!!!

No crying, screaming, hitting, pinching, or acting out in any way…  She even ate like a champ, and… get this… fed herself at lunch and dinner (with the other ladies at the table)!!  While she still wasn’t as peppy as she has been in the past, she was caught laughing, making faces, and even dancing!!

Hearing that, my friends, is definitely the way to end Monday on a resounding high note!!

Until next time… Carpe Diem…