This past Wednesday, Mom had an appointment with her neurologist. Susie offered to go along, which is always extremely helpful. Since she spends the most amount of time with Mom, I really appreciate having her there to answer the multitude of questions he asks regarding moods, behaviors, et cetera. Not only did she go, but she drove her convertible so that we could ride in style.

Seeing my mom SO happy on that trip to the doc was absolutely priceless. She laughed and laughed, pointed at this and that along the way, jabbered emphatically, and waved her arms, all the while her hair blowing wildly in the wind!

I got a few fantastic pictures that will continue to make me smile for years to come… Here are the highlights.

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The appointment itself went very well.  She was having another wonderful day, and never stopped laughing and joking the entire time we were there. Seems the most recent med changes are yielding definite improvements, so we’ll remain status quo for now. He was concerned that her blood pressure readings were unusually low and wants to keep an eye on that, which might ultimately mean a change to the blood pressure meds.

For now, though, we’re just enjoying the good days.  

… Until next time… carpe diem…