We have the most incredible people in our lives… ♥ One of the things that makes me sad is that my mom – such a lover of great music – was never able to enjoy The Conspiracy Band with us. Unfortunately, our Conspiracy family didn’t come into our lives until she was already ill. But today, Rodney came to the house and sang one of my mom’s favorite songs to her – Wonderful World.

It was amazing and very bittersweet. I know that the woman who adores music and loves to dance is still there, deep down inside, and that she enjoyed today immensely. But, for anyone who knew my mom, watching this was also heartbreaking…  Tears of joy and tears of sadness were shed, and ultimately I’ll truly treasure this memory forever.

Rodney, Sherrie, Erin, and Michael – Please know how grateful we are to have you in our lives. Your hearts are huge beyond measure, and you gave my mom such moments of joy today, while giving us a beautiful memory we’ll always hold close. Rodney… I’m pretty sure you have a new #1 fan. ♥