This evening, I ran across this Huffington Post article and thought it worth sharing. Does Alzheimer’s Have to Bankrupt Us? was published earlier this week, as the Alzheimer’s Association’s International Conference was held in Vancouver.

Michael Hodin is the Executive Director of the Global Coalition on Aging, and he offers some stunning facts around the cost of Alzheimer’s, as well as the hope that today’s research offers.

Did you know that the total costs related to Alzheimer’s are currently a whopping 1% of global GDP? That’s certainly nothing to sneeze at, nor is the fact that right now, there are over 35 million people living with this disease worldwide. The projections for 2030 and 2050 are 65 million and 115 million, respectively, which I find astounding. 

On the bright side, continuing research is yielding some positive results. We’re learning more and more about factors that seem to contribute to the disease, and with that we can begin to take steps toward prevention. Perhaps most interesting is the research related to Souvenaid, described as “a nutrient mixture that promotes new connections between brain cells.” Several clinical trials have already been conducted or are underway, and that’s certainly a huge step in the right direction.

Ultimately, meetings like the Alzheimer’s Association’s International Conference are signs that the worldwide spotlight is beginning to shine on this disease, and that alone brings us hope where there once was none.