Merry-Go-Round;  noun \ mer-ē-gō-ˌrau̇nd
1: an amusement park ride with seats often in the form of animals (as horses) revolving about a fixed center

Medi-Go-Round; noun \ med-ē-gō-ˌrau̇nd
1: similar to merry-go-round, but much less fun; tends to be incited by changes in medication

Mom is having some pretty rough days, it seems… Actually, a roller coaster  would be more apt than a merry-go-round. She started on a new med last week to help with reactive agitation. All it seems to have done is make her agitation more severe and less predictable. Not good. Doc sent orders to DC it today after Tim spoke with the office. Let’s hope the next few days yield some improvement…