Last week, I received a “get 10 cards free” offer from Shutterfly, and I thought I’d take advantage and order some Christmas cards. I was sifting through photos and came across this one of Mom and I… Taken Christmas Eve 2010 at Eason House. I adore this picture. She looks so happy, and so much more like herself.

When you see her all the time, you don’t realize how much she has declined, but the difference in two years is stunning.  I look at this photo, and can’t believe it was just taken in 2010.

Not much to report. She’s had a couple of mostly quiet, uneventful days. Her dear friend, Emily, has been going over to sit with her at lunchtime on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I’m so appreciative. Today, Mom saved her only smile for Emily – she slept through most of their visit, but opened her eyes once and gave Emily a big smile. She did the same for Jess yesterday. I know that content smile, and there’s nothing more beautiful… Emily, I’m not sure if you’re following the blog, but thank you so much – you are truly an angel.

When I got to the house after work, she was asleep. She’d had just shy of 16 oz of Ensure and about a small glass and a half of juice all day. She opened her eyes a few times, but looked right through me – it was as though she didn’t even see me. They said she’d been like that all day, mostly sleeping, and seeming to want to be left alone…