Today, I’m reminded of how blessed I am to have developed such wonderful friendships at Eason House. I’ve said many times how important it is to find “the good stuff,” even (and maybe, especially) on the worst days. I am so well aware that without the Eason House staff, who I’m proud to also call friends, our lives would not be the same. These girls (and Tim) make all the difference in the world. ♥

I’ve been late leaving work the past two nights, so I haven’t seen Mom awake since Sunday. Today, she was sound asleep in the chair when I got there. They said she had slept most of the day, and had two Ensures. Susie texted me the picture below earlier –  a good waking moment she had this afternoon. I adore this. She looks happy; she looks a little like her old self, and those moments seem to be growing farther and fewer between.