… Mom made her world debut. Today, we celebrate her 76th birthday. ♥

They tried to have her party yesterday, but it wasn’t a very good day; she didn’t want any part of it. So, in the true spirit of “going with the flow,” they celebrated today. She was pooped out and asleep when I got there around 5:30, and was also sleeping last night when I stopped in after work. I’m hoping we can have a nice visit tomorrow.

While she didn’t eat much at all yesterday, today she was right back at it. Eating and drinking well and in a good mood. Emily came by for a birthday visit and said she was very happy. When she opened her present from Emily (a pretty fleece sweater), she instantly said “Thank you!” just as clear as a bell…

I’m planning to make her favorite cake tomorrow (Texas sheet cake), so let’s hope she’s doing well and can enjoy it.