Mama took another fall last night – fell out of bed in the middle of the night – and has a nice knot on the back of her head to show for it. No bueno. Not sure what the deal is here at night lately, but the new plan is for her to sleep in the living room on the recliner or sofa. She sleeps just as well, and hopefully the night gal can keep a closer eye on her.

We’ll keep the monitor in her room for when she does walk back there, but I think sleeping in there is just a bad idea. Something is obviously not working. I’m also going to clear some of the furniture out of her room so that if she does fall, there isn’t as much for her to hit her head on…

On the bright side, she ate dinner at the table with the other ladies tonight! Susie said she had 3/4 of a pork chop, some stuffing, three cookies, one Ensure, and two glasses of juice – all in one sitting. Great to hear; her appetite had seemed to drop off again.

In other news, check out my post today on Caregivers. Driving (or not) is such a tough subject, but as caregivers, all of us must deal with it eventually. As painful as it is to see Mom the way she is now, I think it was probably worse back when she knew what was happening and realized her independence was slipping away from her…. what an awful period of time. At least now, for the most part, she’s oblivious.