Mom’s visit to neurologist went well (getting her in and out of the car, not so much, but the actual appointment went well).  I’m feeling much better about things – hopefully not setting myself up for a big let down.

Verdict is: Orthostatic Hypotension. Today in the office, from the lying to standing position, her systolic pressure dropped from 120 to 68. No wonder she’s falling!! He tied a lot of her symptoms back to the OH, so it sounds like if we get that issue under control, things may “normalize” again (whatever “normal” is).  First step is to cut her current dosage of high blood pressure meds and monitor ortho bp for improvement. If needed, further changes will be made.

We will also have a “last resort” psych drug on hand for the next seven days. In the event that she has a very bad spell and we can’t get her reasonably settled, the lowest dose (0.5mg) can be given. BUT, I’m hoping that won’t be necessary at all.

If you’re so inclined, please pray for this initial change in bp meds to make a significant difference.

On an unrelated note, Caregivers is undergoing a facelift, and along with that it’s experiencing some growing pains. Once the site is back up, I’ll post a link to today’s piece.

Thank you all for your positive thoughts, prayers, and support. You’ll never know how much it means to Jess and I.