No doubt, sometimes you just have to (((stop))) and turn it all off, literally. For me last night, that meant turning off every light in the house, getting a fire going in the fireplace, and lighting about ten candles. After a good night’s sleep, I woke up feeling like everything would be fine.

Well, sort of. I realized I had forgotten to turn my ringer on before falling asleep and missed a 7:30am call from Eason House. Mom had fallen. She was okay, the wall had not fared so well. Based on the way she was positioned, the thinking is that it was her elbow that went through the drywall. (((Sigh…)))  Again, just thankful she is alright.

After that phone conversation, I went on a cleaning/purging rampage around the house, which also served as excellent therapy. Very cleansing. God, that felt good!!!! 

When I got here to the house, Mom was in the recliner fussing. Apparently taking the ortho BPs did not make her very happy. There’s a surprise, huh? Get a load of these readings, though.

    • Sitting:  96/59, pulse 68
    • Standing:  75/38, pulse 108

With those numbers, it’s a wonder she isn’t passing out. Plan to call the doc in the morning and ask that we d/c the diltiazem entirely. And, perhaps the inderal as well. I’m starting to think (hope) that between the dangerously low bp and the UTI, we may be on the right path.

After 3pm meds, she fell peacefully asleep…  what a joy to see her calm and relaxed. Just a few minutes ago, she opened her eyes, and I got several smiles and a half dozen kisses. And then I caught her biting the hell out of her hand. Good lord, the gremlins in that brain must be going bonkers – the changes are just instantaneous. In a couple of hours time: screaming at imaginary people, grabbing things that aren’t there, taking a swing at my face, giving me kiss after kiss, smiling, sleeping, whining, crying, clapping… For anyone out there still thinking Alzheimer’s is nothing more than memory loss, boy do I have news for you…