I saw this post today at A Place For Mom, and felt it was worth sharing. One of the hardest  parts of this journey is knowing when it’s time for assisted living or some other care arrangement. With that comes finding the right fit, having some very difficult discussions, and dealing with your own guilt and grief. The article provides some excellent information and useful tips; if you feel your family is headed down this path, it’s worth a read:  How To Recognize Signs It’s Time for Assisted Living.

Also my Caregivers post today might be of help to you or the caregiver in your life. I’m going to be reviewing several caregiver smartphone apps in the coming weeks, and today I’m taking a look at CareZone. It’s a great little tool that’s definitely worth a look. I can say without question, it would have made my life easier all the way back to when Mom was still living independently. Check it out and share with anyone who might benefit: Getting Organized: There’s an App for That!