One of the misconceptions that disturbs me more than any other is the idea that Alzheimer’s patients are “gone” or are nothing more than a shell. Absolutely not true, which is what makes it so heartbreaking to see so many of these sweet human beings left alone to wither away…

The person before you may not be the the same as the one you knew BA (before Alzheimer’s), but there are very strong parts of that person present. They may be buried a little deeper, and you might have to work at reaching them, but the payoff is grand. Those who choose to walk away because it’s “difficult” or “unpleasant” are the ones who are missing out on some of the most poignant beautiful moments in life.

The power of this video cannot be described in words, you must experience it for yourself. Everyone with a connection to this disease should watch it, take it to heart, and remember it forever. They need us. They need love and human connection just like everyone else on this planet…maybe more.