In the “You’ve got to be kidding me” category, a great story from CNN! It’s true – Rudy Tanzi, world-renowned Alzheimer’s researcher, best selling author, and chair of the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, can be heard playing keyboards on Aerosmith’s latest studio album. A random meeting with Joe Perry led to the collaboration.

Tanzi has been studying ALZ since 1983, but his work became very personal when his grandmother was diagnosed shortly after that.

“What you see is that this disease is really the worst thing you can imagine,” Tanzi said. “Because you spend your whole life — decades and decades — accumulating memories and association, and you develop a personality of who you are based on your experience and memories. And this disease comes in and rips all that right out. So it literally steals who you are from you. There is no other disease that does that. There is nothing worse.”

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