Writing - Long and Winding Stock Photos October 12. Mom’s birthday, and she would have been 77-years-old. The photo on the left was taken on her 75th.

Hopefully there will be one hell of a party in Heaven, complete with cake and a massive all-you-can-eat ice cream bar! It’s the first birthday she’s celebrated with her sister, Shirley, and Aunt Helen, in many, many years. Boy how she loves those two women! Just the thought of the three sitting around a table telling stories and sharing belly laughs makes me smile.

IMG_0847We’ve decided we’ll celebrate the day as well, because let’s face it Mom would slap us silly if she saw us sitting around crying. (And anyone who knew her knows I’m not kidding!)

Tonight, we’ll have a little cookout. For dessert there will be vanilla ice cream with her famous homemade chocolate syrup, and then we’ll sit around a fire and enjoy the October evening. Considering her love of ice cream and the fall season, I think she would approve.

scans017I’m also submitting a piece of writing to the publisher of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. By happenstance (or not), I ran across something just this week saying they’re accepting stories for their upcoming edition on Alzheimer’s and dementia. Ironically (or not), the deadline is Tuesday, so I saw it just in the nick of time. If it’s chosen for the book, what a perfect 77th birthday gift for my Guardian Angel, don’t you think?