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This post from Lonna Whiting is one of the most poignant pieces I’ve seen. So many of these are things I’ve felt or experienced – plenty I’m not proud of. But, it’s raw, unfiltered reality. It’s confirmation that only someone who has experienced this disease can truly understand. Incredibly sad, yet oddly comforting. In time, if we’re lucky, we reach a point of acceptance; we love and enjoy the time we have left with our loved ones despite the fact they aren’t who they once were. But at the end of the day, we still HATE this disease more than words can say… Thank you for your courage and honesty, Lonna.

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Lonna Whiting

  1. You will notice something just isn’t quite right years before a diagnosis.
  2. You will dismiss an inability to maintain finances as simply being bad with numbers.
  3. Your mother will lose sight of a daycare child while in her care, only to later find him down the street at a neighbor boy’s house once the authorities have been notified.
  4. You will make up excuses to Child Protective Services when they call and ask if you think your mother is a danger to the children in her care.
  5. You will take your mom out for dinners and have to order for her.
  6. It’s just depression.
  7. It’s because Dad left.
  8. It started when Grandpa died.
  9. Her thyroid could be off.
  10. There might be a vitamin deficiency.
  11. You will give her premium vitamin supplements.
  12. You will watch another year go by.
  13. You will take your mother out for a beer and she can’t follow…

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