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Commemorative Stamp07.19.15 IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Alzheimer’s Disease Semipostal Stamp has been reintroduced as part of the Alzheimer’s Action Act. If passed, this would allow for the voluntary purchase of a stamp that would raise funds for critically needed research. Please write or call YOUR representatives and urge them to Help Stamp OUT Alzheimer’s by co-sponsoring HR 3092!

You may recall my recent post regarding the Alzheimer’s Disease Research semipostal stamp. Here is easy another way for you to take action and make a difference!

This comes from the Help Stamp OUT Alzheimer’s page on Facebook, and I’m asking for your help. Please consider taking just 10 or 15 minutes to send an email and then share with a friend or friends and encourage them to do the same.  If you aren’t on Facebook, leave your zip code in a comment here, and I’ll get the the HLA’s contact information for you.

We need YOUR help in writing to ALL members of the House to ask them to sign on as COSPONSORS to the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Semipostal Stamp!

It’s simple: 

1) In the comments section below, type in your representative’s name or, if you don’t know it, then your 9 digit zip code.

2) If your representative has not signed on as a cosponsor to H.R. 1508, I will provide you with the name of your representative and the name & email address of his/her Health Legislative Aid (HLA).

3) You can then use that information to customize and send the following email.

4) Cut & paste this letter into your email, being sure to replace the “blanks” in the letter with the appropriate information, and

5) Send!

Subject: Request to COSPONSOR H.R. 1508: To To provide for the issuance of an Alzheimer’s Disease Research Semipostal Stamp.

I am a resident of __________ , __________ .

On behalf of the 5.4 million Americans with Alzheimer’s & other dementias, their 15.4 million unpaid caregivers, and those yet to be diagnosed, I’m asking Rep. _________ to COSPONSOR H.R. 1508: To provide for the issuance of an Alzheimer’s Disease Research Semipostal Stamp to advance research and public awareness of Alzheimer’s & related disorders.

It’s been 14 years since the Congressional Task Force on Alzheimer’s Disease was established with its mission to advance research and public awareness of Alzheimer’s & related disorders. Sadly, very little progress has been made and this disease has emerged as one of the greatest and most costly medical and social problems in the United States. In 1999, 44,536 deaths were attributed to Alzheimer’s Disease. Per the 2013 Facts & Figures Report released by the Alzheimer’s Association, approximately 450,000 deaths were attributed to Alzheimer’s by year end. This number will continue to rise unless we do something about it now!

The proposed legislation is really quite simple. H.R. 1508 would require the US Postal Service to issue & sell an Alzheimer’s Disease Research Semipostal Stamp.

These stamps would cost a bit more than regular first class postage stamps, with the extra funds going to the NIH to search for better treatments, prevention, and a cure for what is still a 100% fatal disease. Participation by individuals would be voluntary, and only those who choose to buy the Alzheimer’s stamp would pay more for postage. This would be similar to the very popular and successful Breast Cancer Research Semipostal Stamp which, as of October 2012, has raised over $76.3 million for breast cancer research. The passage of this legislation would increase funding for Alzheimer’s research without increasing taxes, discretionary spending or the deficit.

I’m hopeful that we can gain sufficient support from members of the House to bring this much needed bill out of committee and to the floor for a vote.

This is important to me because ________________________________.

Thank you.