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We’ve just learned that Alzheimer’s is much more deadly than we realized. Shocking new data reveals that Alzheimer’s actually rivals cancer as the second most deadly disease in the U.S.

Yet Alzheimer’s research receives relatively little funding – just $550 million annually compared to $5.7 billion annually for cancer research.

Increasing funding for Alzheimer’s research is the only way to find an effective treatment or cure for Alzheimer’s.

Please join me in urging your Senators to double funding for Alzheimer’s research at the NIH in the FY15 budget.

Alzheimer’s champions, Senator Susan Collins and Senator Amy Klobuchar, have introduced a bipartisan resolution that calls on Congress to make stopping Alzheimer’s by 2025 “an urgent national priority.”

The Collins-Klobuchar resolution urges Congress to double research funding at the NIH in FY15 as part one of a five-year plan to commit $2 billion in annual Alzheimer’s research funding by 2019.

$2 billion is the “magic number” because it is the amount in annual research funding that experts at the Advisory Council on Alzheimer’s Research, Care, and Services say is needed to meet our goal of stopping the disease by 2025.

If Congress does not dramatically increase funding for Alzheimer’s research, we will see Alzheimer’s deaths rise to one million a year. And the costs to our society will rise apace.

Alzheimer’s is a cancer-size problem – it needs a cancer-size response.

Please ask your Senators to join Senators Collins and Klobuchar in calling for a doubling of research funding for Alzheimer’s at the NIH in the FY15 budget and a ramp up to $2 billion/year by 2019.

Thank you!!