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If you missed the October Alzheimer’s Talks call, I hope you’ll take time to listen to the recording. We don’t often have the opportunity to hear directly from a leading researcher, but thanks to our friends at USAgainstAlzheimer’s, we were able to spend 60 minutes with Dr. Rudy Tanzi last month. The discussion was fascinating, informative, and full of reasons to be hopeful.

Take a listen as Dr. Tanzi talks about his team’s recent “Alzheimer’s in a Dish” discovery and how it will allow researchers to screen potential drugs 10 times faster and cheaper than ever before. During the second half of the call, he takes questions from listeners – again, giving us rare insight into the latest research.

To listen, click here –> A Major Breakthrough: Alzheimer’s in a Dish – Dr. Rudy Tanzi, Alzheimer’s Talks – October 2014

Also, be sure to register for the November Alzheimer’s Talks discussion with Olivia Mastry of ACT on Alzheimer’s. Ms. Mastry will share Minnesota’s very successful model for creating dementia friendly communities.