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novelsWhat if you were once a voracious reader, but mild cognitive impairment, and ultimately full-blown Alzheimer’s took away one of your greatest pleasures?

Last week, Dr. Tonia Vojtkofsky announced the release of her Audio-Visual Books for Dementia explaining, “They are short stories that have text, narration, and pictures all together, so a person who enjoys reading but now finds it difficult because of dementia, can still have the experience of reading.

They can follow the text along with the narration, reinforcing their reading ability, and then as they decline, they can just listen to the familiar story. So these books are both cognitive stimulation and entertainment.”

Dr. Vojtkofsky says she is curious to see over time as someone declines if they will find it comforting to hear the familiar voice, see same pictures, etc, repetitively, finding it calming and reassuring. She will be testing these stories at a memory care facility to get clients’ feedback.

The books are available for download (onto any electronic device: computer, tablet or phone) on the CCS website for a small fee $3.50 per book or 4 for $12.

Learn more at http://cognitivecaresolutions.com/books/.


Tonia Vojtkofsky, Psy.D. is Founder and President of Cognitive Care Solutions​ and a researcher at UC Irvine MIND & ADRC. She is also a founding member of WomenAgainstAlzheimer’s, a network under the UsAgainstAlzheimer’s ​umbrella. This summer she released her first book, Keep Your Brain Stronger For Longer, 201 Brain Exercises for People With Mild Cognitive Impairment.