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Did you know…. November is National Family Caregivers Month.


The last of the autumn leaves are falling, and those of us who still follow that silly practice of setting our clocks back have done so. Fall is waning and we’re slipping into winter.

I find myself in need of some mindful gratitude, and November is the perfect time for it. Thanksgiving is just around the corner – what better time to count our blessings?

Some of life’s greatest gifts are things we take for granted – a hot, soothing shower after a stressful day, the rich aroma of fresh brewed morning coffee, the miracle of a sunny day, or just simply the fact that we’ve made it through a rough day.

Will you join me in this November gratitude challenge? Each day this month, jot down one thing you’re thankful for. If you’d like, leave a comment here on this post, or make a daily post on your Facebook page as a way of stating your intention.

Here’s to a month of mindful gratitude….