Walker and Rubio on Alzheimer’s


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New Hampshire caregiver, Brenda Bouchard, recently attended the town hall meetings of Scott Walker and Marco Rubio. As with the other candidates visiting her state, she asked Walker and Rubio what they plan to do to ensure Alzheimer’s gets the attention and funding it needs.

I thought Rubio was sincere and impressive. Subtle things like pointing out that we treat the symptoms, but have no way to treat the disease itself, separating the two threads (support for today’s caregivers/families + research for tomorrow), noting this isn’t just about Alzheimer’s, but all types of dementia, and the comparison to HIV/AIDS.

Of all the videos we’ve seen (THANK YOU, Brenda!), I think Rubio and Clinton have clearly demonstrated the deepest understanding of the issue.

Take a look at the clips below, and see what you think.

To hear how the other candidates responded to Brenda’s question, see the following posts.


Trump & Paul on Alzheimer’s Disease


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New Hampshire caregiver, Brenda Bouchard, continues her quest to ask each presidential candidate what they plan to do to ensure Alzheimer’s gets the attention and funding it needs. Most recently, she attended town hall meetings of Donald Trump and Rand Paul.

Watch the clips below, and form your own opinion. To see how other candidates answered, check out posts here and here.

Aug 19: Alzheimer’s Talks Featuring Dr. Scott Mackin


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August 19, 3PM ET

Join the Alzheimer’s Talks teleconference series featuring Dr. Scott Mackin, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine and Principal Investigator for the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative Depression Project (ADNI-D), which seeks to develop a greater understanding of mental illness and late life depression and how that relates to cognitive decline. Dr. Mackin will speak about the trial, which is currently trying to enroll participants as well as the scientific research behind the study.

Register for the free call by clicking HERE!