A Place for Mom has revamped their website.  Be sure to check it out!  Whether you’re in need of their eldercare advisory services or not, this site contains a wealth of great information!

If you or someone you know is struggling with the stress of finding senior care, refer them to the site.  A Place for Mom advisors are local, so they are familiar with your area.  The service is free, and can be a huge time saver in that they have a complete list of senior housing/care options in all 50 states.  After learning about your loved one’s unique circumstances, both medical and financial, they’ll even do the leg work of setting up appointments and tours for you.

The service is free, however the caveat is that they are paid by communities in their network.  That being said, you will find the corporate giants on their list (i.e. Emeritus, Brookdale, etc.).  But, they’ll also have other options.  Without A Place for Mom, I probably wouldn’t have known that Eason House (or even that care concept) existed, so I am forever grateful for my wonderful advisor.

Bottom line, go in with your eyes wide open, realizing that you still need to follow your instincts and do your homework. Knowing what to ask is critical, as is recognizing that extravagant decor and high rent don’t necessarily equate to good care.

Look for a post soon on some tips and other resources that will help you in your search. When I think back to my naiveté when we began this journey, I absolutely cringe. If I can be a part of helping someone avoid the pitfalls I fell into, it will be well worth the time spent.  And, don’t forget to check out A Place for Mom’s redesigned site for all kinds of great information.

… Until next time… Carpe diem…