So the ups and downs continue for mom…

She was mostly “out of it” today – more or less unresponsive. Suspected culprits: the med change or perhaps a UTI. They will do labs tomorrow. I’d prefer the latter since it can be resolved with antibiotics… the other issue is a bit more difficult. Unfortunately, I’m betting it’s the former.  Any little change in those damn meds can create such an upheaval, and sadly, it often takes some trial and error to get it right.

I fed her about half of her dinner, spaghetti and meatballs, but she wasn’t terribly interested in it.  She did manage to eat her cake for dessert though. (((Smile)))

Afterward, we went over and sat on the sofa so that she would be more comfortable. She kept dozing off with her head on my shoulder, but each time she would wake up, she’d look at me with the sweetest smile – each time, just realizing for the first time that I was there – and say softly, “I love you.” Then, she’d close her eyes, lay her head on my shoulder, and peacefully drift off again…  Absolutely precious, yet so tragic.

Sometimes, the dichotomous nature of this disease just mind boggling.