Received a call at work today that Mom had taken a fall. She had been pacing for awhile; one of the caregivers turned to answer the phone and when she turned back around, Mom was flat on the floor, face down.

They got her up, checked range of motion, et cetera, and thankfully she is fine.  By the time they called, she was lying on the sofa – quiet, comfortable, and resting.

The struggle continues with getting the meds adjusted properly.  For a couple of days, she was just very quiet and almost unresponsive, then by Tuesday, she was moody again. The screaming and lashing out continues, though apparently not as bad as it was for a few days last week.   This morning, they did have to give her a lorazepam to calm her.  I hope we can get back to a place where that is not necessary.

Eason House faxes a report to the neurologist each Thursday night, so I’ll call his office Monday, and we’ll see what he has in mind as a next step.  Not sure if she’s getting too much or not enough depakote now, but the thought is that the dosage is still not correct.  Getting this drug properly regulated is rather worrisome since it can cause issues with the liver.  I want to make sure they are keeping an eye on this as well.

We’re headed to Butler this weekend for my dad’s birthday, but will be back early enough Sunday that I can spend a couple of hours with her.  In the meantime, keeping my fingers crossed that the next several days are uneventful.