When I got there after work, Mom was sleeping. She opened her eyes long enough to take a sip of juice and give me a smile, and then she was sound asleep again. She had a busy day with a visit from one of her former co-workers who is a dear friend, and then from Jess & Brandon. Still subsisting on Ensure, give or take a couple of bites of banana, but at least it’s nutrition. And, she did enjoy Baby Nico again for awhile this afternoon.

For some reason, I’ve been teary all day today. Nothing in particular, just all of it, I suppose. And when the floodgates open, look out. I’m so thankful that I work with an understanding, compassionate group of people.

So, I’m having a glass of wine with some nice, sharp Parmigiano-Reggiano, and I can feel the edge coming off a bit. When I got to Eason House, Susie had saved a plate for me, and considering I was planning on my old standby (cereal), I didn’t turn it down. Actually, it tasted delicious.

Tomorrow, the VPA physician will be at the house for his regular monthly visit, so it will be interesting to see what he has to say, if anything. I talked to him last week, and to say I wasn’t impressed with his bedside manner would be an understatement. When a doctor – or anyone for that matter – says to an ALZ family, “Well, this is just how the disease goes…,” I would like to respond, “Oh really? Hm, I had no effing idea…” Speaking of compassion, some of these medical professionals could use a little, too…