Not much news at all. Mom was sleeping very peacefully when I got there after work, but the girls said it had been a comparatively good day. She had part of a banana, a piece of toast, and of course a “milkshake” (aka Ensure). Baby Nico was in, and she happily played with him. Emily visited as well, and said that she was very tired, but otherwise pretty good. All in all, it beats yesterday.
My first piece for Caregivers was published yesterday, but I hesitate to post a link, as we have had some problems. Seems as though it might be a browser issue, but they have the developers looking into it. The URL worked for me, so I had no idea there was a problem until I received emails from a few friends. How about that? Day one, and I blew up the site! Nothing like starting with a bang!! 

On a humorous note, some of the people who have been able to get to the article have left comments. I love getting feedback; it’s always nice to know that someone is reading and even better if you find you’ve truly struck a chord with someone. Last night, I pulled up the comments and was mortified to find that they had posted as though I had authored them. So, for some reason, the system thought the commenters were logged on as me?!

Imagine seeing lovely comments – then realizing it looked like I wrote them! Nothing like patting myself on the back a little… yep, my imaginary friends are apparently my biggest fans, and they were pretty darn busy last night! Moral of the story: Sometimes, you just have to laugh. Embarrassing? Oh yes! But, not much I could do at midnight, other than chuckle.

My contact at APFM was able to go out and edit the comments so that it no longer looks like I’m some kind of egomaniac, but the issue with the URL is still being investigated. Stay tuned – hopefully it’ll be resolved soon.