Well, it’s been a week since I’ve seen it, but I finally got a smile! Mom was asleep on the sofa when I arrived at Eason House after work. At one point, she opened her eyes, so I knelt down to her eye level. She picked up her head, smiled the most beautiful smile, and said “Hiiii”…She has the sweetest way of saying it sometimes… as if she is just soooo happy to see me – she kind of draws out the “i”… “Hiiiii.”

You would have to hear it – and see the expression on her face – to understand, but today, it made my heart sing.

After that one little moment, she alternated between sleep and minor agitation, but boy was it nice to see that smile.

On another note, I had to laugh. The neurologist’s office called today. “Dr. F. wants to know if you think your mom is too confused…”


Well, for starters, can you please define “too confused” when referring to a person with ALZ!?

I have all the respect in the world for this doctor, and medical science is a wonderful thing – but damn – what a dumb question.