It’s funny, in the past month, there have been times where I had to stop and think whether something that happened with Mom was real or I’d dreamt it.

Today, I’m happy to say that all of the pictures above are 100% real. She had a stellar day – a day the likes of which I never thought we’d see again. The weekend was pretty good, too, but today was beyond amazing. I do have to admit that I chickened out of going over after work for fear that she would have lapsed back again. I think if she had been sundowning and agitated in the least, I would have been disappointed. So, I decided to just hang onto everything that Jess and the Eason House gals had shared with me, and hope tomorrow is as good.

We had a really nice visit yesterday. She was very tired, but extremely affectionate and snuggly. I could have easily cuddled with her all day – I love those moments.

Little by little, she has been eating more solid food; the past three days, easily the most she’s had in a month. Still not eating actual meals, but today she had toast, a banana, strawberries, crackers, cheese, cookies, and pretzels, in addition to Ensure. While I was there yesterday, she ate a whole individual cup of chocolate pudding. I had to feed it to her, but when she tasted it, she made her old “mmm, that tastes so good” face. ♥

I shudder to think where we would be right now had hospice been permitted to go forward with Haldol. We may be losing her bit by bit, but there’s no reason to hurry God’s timeframe.

On another note, check out this piece written for Caregivers – it’s all about the beauty of synchronicity. (There is a slight possibility of browser problems, as this post was done pre-techie-intervention, but thus far, issues have been minimal.)