Well, not really. Mom did have a great day yesterday and a really good one today – until about 5:30pm.

I arrived just before 6pm, welcomed by loud yelling, and right in time to see her take a healthy swing at Susie.

Amazing how quickly the tide can turn, isn’t it?

Seemed like she was hallucinating – fixated on something or someone and really giving them hell. She was in her own little world. Once again, a harsh reminder that this disease doesn’t go away.

In a sense, ALZ defies logic. Generally, when someone is sick, the natural progression is for them to get well again. Even with the worst of illnesses, there is typically at least hope for them to recover. And then there’s ALZ.

With the month or so that we’ve just experienced, a couple of decent days can cruelly trick this silly little bit deep down inside of you into thinking things might be okay. That perhaps the worst is over. I know, it’s crazy. After all, a sensible person of even average intellect should be able to grasp the fact that nobody recovers from this illness, and the worst is yet to come.

The thing is, rationally, you do know there’s no escaping it, but that doesn’t matter. It still plays illogical, nonsensical games with your mind and with your heart.