I got a text from the girls around lunchtime saying Mom was having an incredible day – ah, but the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question… would I get there in time to see it?!

Happy to say that the answer is a resounding YES! I haven’t seen her like this since before the last horrible crisis period that had me thinking we were nearing the end. I can’t even believe this is the same person! When I walked in, she was sitting at the table eating a cookie – and she looked – dare I say it, (((like her old self))).

She greeted me with a big smile, big eyes, and big “Hi!!!!” but that was just the beginning of an afternoon filled with laughs! I shot some priceless video. Can’t find the words to say how good it is to see her so happy, and making everyone around her so happy!

She did a lot of walking around today, too, and that is somewhat surprising since she’s still barely eating solid food (crackers, grapes, ice cream). I guess the Ensure has everything she needs and she’s getting enough of it to keep her going.

I’ll be calling the doc in the morning to see what med changes he has in mind, but I am very hesitant about making any changes just yet. Right now, her worst times seem to be at night, just two or three nights per week, but very severe, horrible several hour long screaming fits. (Note the bruise on her hand and eye – she fell the other night.) It’s so difficult to know what to do – the slightest change can turn things upside down.

I just want to enjoy more moments like the ones we experienced today… ♥