So I returned Friday’s call to the neurologist’s office today. He wanted to bump up her Buspar, and I decided against it. Right now, I see no reason to change anything. Yes, she has had some horrible nights, but since we know there will never be a perfect balance, I have to go with the lesser of two evils. I’d rather a few nights than 24×7. Not taking that risk. We’ll re-evaluate next Monday.

That being said, I got a text from Susie tonight that blew my mind. Mom was on her second plate of meatloaf, potatoes, and carrots. Yes, REAL FOOD. I just told someone today that I doubted she would ever eat “normally” again, and whad’ya know – she proved me wrong! We’ll see if it’s a trend or a fluke, but I am stunned! Who would have ever thought…

The pictures below were texted to me at various times throughout the day. Enjoy!

(And, check out today’s piece on Caregivers – some tips on the dreaded search for long-term care. Major key to success: trust your gut.)