Well, today (((knock on wood))) was another good one. I ended up working late, so I didn’t get to Eason House, but received several messages and photos throughout the day. Emily visited and said mom was in very good spirits! Like the rest of us, I think she is blown away by these latest changes.

In summary, great mood, bright eyes, no clapping, hitting, or yelling. Didn’t eat as much as yesterday, but she did eat.

It’s so funny, I have a friend in the UK whose mother is the same age as mine, and her progression with the disease has been eerily similar. Seemed like when one would move to the next stage, the other was never far behind.

Well, when Mom stopped eating and took such a dive, Sue wrote and said she didn’t want to give me false hope, but wanted to share what had happened with her mum several months ago. She had also stopped eating and drinking, was sleeping for hours on end, and otherwise either unresponsive or screaming. Like me, Sue thought it was the end and even told her mother it was okay to go (I had done the same at one point).

She said this lasted for weeks rather than months, and then all of a sudden… her mum started responding, talking, and laughing again. I didn’t dare hope the same would be the case for Mom. It sounded absolutely impossible. But, here we are about five weeks out, and it certainly sounds like once again, these two ladies are almost in sync. Two complete strangers with over 4,000 miles and an ocean between them, walking a nearly identical path… Two daughters sometimes just hanging on by a thread, but still being amazed every day by the most important women in their lives.

I am so grateful. Every day is a gift. ♥