For some reason, these last couple of weeks seem to have sucked the wind right out of my proverbial sails. I’m beat. Laid down on the couch around 8pm last night and slept until 9:30 this morning. Restless sleep, but sleep none the less.

I’d been looking forward to driving to Butler after work yesterday to visit with my dad, but Mom took a pretty nasty fall in the wee hours of Thursday morning, and I just didn’t feel comfortable leaving. She literally looks like she has a broken nose; complete with swelling and two black eyes, but oddly (and thankfully) there is no pain at all. We have poked, prodded, and twisted, and she just looks at us and laughs. I pinched her lightly just to confirm that she does still recognize pain and she yelped, so I don’t know how in the world that nose couldn’t be hurting like hell, but I’m glad it isn’t.

It took several hours for the swelling and bruising to appear, so I figured I would rather just stick around this weekend in case something odd happens and it gets worse.

We talked Thursday evening, and decided a baby monitor might be a good idea since she has been sleeping in her room more (for a long time, she spent all night in the living room). This is actually the second recent “injury” that has occurred overnight. At least with the monitor, the night girls will know when she is stirring.

In the meantime, I told her all we need is a pair of boxing gloves and she’ll be ready for Halloween…. (((sigh))).