Well, the bruising looks even worse after the passage of a couple of days. It’s hard to tell in this photo, but her whole forehead is green and the bruising goes well up beyond her hairline. I touched her head today and she definitely responded – it hurt.

Aside from looking awful, she was in a pretty good mood. Was very happy to see me, quite expressive, and chattering away. I’ll definitely take that. She drank an Ensure and had a bowl of ice cream while I was there.

I read over the log book, and it seems as though those two nights she ate dinner were somewhat of a fluke. She’s still doing much better than she was when she wasn’t eating anything at all, but she’s far from being back to “normal.”

She loves the Ensure, though, and has a couple of those each day. In addition, she’ll eat some ice cream, toast, fruit, jello, crackers, and so forth. So, she’s not breaking any records, but she’s getting enough to keep her going, and she really does sleep the majority of the day.

We’ll see what the coming week holds. I’m praying for dull, boring, and uneventful!