If this photo doesn’t touch your heart, you may not have one.

This is my lifelong best friend sitting with Mom today. Ah, the memories we share! Debby practically lived with us during those turbulent teen years. In fact, she actually did move in once for a few days, dresser drawers and all. (((Smile))) My mom was her second mother and loved her like a daughter (got just as mad at her as her own daughter sometimes, too).

Debby is one of the few who can appreciate the “look that could kill” that we still see from Mom from time to time and the way she says “NO!” when she means business.

Having gone through this with her own grandparents, I can imagine how difficult it is to see Mom this way, yet she is here for us – the good, bad, and the ugly. And that means the absolute world to me, to Jess, and in some sense, to my mom – even now. I firmly believe that although she may not be able to place the face, she knows Debby’s love.

When it is all said and done, Debby, I’ll never forget your love for my mom and your unwavering support over the years. Love you so much.