photo-75….but certainly could have been much, much worse. Between 9:30p and 3:30a, she mostly slept. Obviously, I wasn’t going to wake her for lorazepam, so she missed the midnight dose. At 3:30, she woke up screaming. Got her to eat some ice cream and take the pill and she went back to sleep, but not for long. Horrible screams, which I think are even worse after she’s been mostly quiet for so long; sounds silly, but it’s almost as though my brain tricks itself into believing she’s okay… When she was sleeping peacefully today/tonight, she looked like herself, she really did.

Lorraine took her to the bathroom around 5a. That was the first she’s been up on her feet since this afternoon; they changed her in bed earlier in the evening. She’s so weak and with all of that Ativan in her system, she had a very hard time walking. After we got her back in bed, she was in and out for awhile where I couldn’t comfort her. When I’d tell her “it’s okay,” she’d scream even louder as if to say, “you stupid b*tch, it is NOT f*cking okay!!!!!” Those damn blood curdling screams. Torture for her.

I’m sitting in bed with her now, and she’s finally fallen asleep and is snoring. I can hear her stomach growling. 😦

Hopefully she’ll be able to rest until 7am meds.

I dozed off a couple of times earlier in the night while she was sleeping, but jumped up every time she stirred. I’m tired…

She’s awake again…