photo-76It was a crazy busy day and I’m beat, so this will be a short update….

Susie kicked me out around 7:30am to go home and sleep… I didn’t argue much – went home and laid down, slept for a couple of hours before the dog started barking and the phone started ringing. The last call was from Eason House letting me know that Mom had fallen.

Jumped in the shower long enough to get wet, then called the hospice nurse and drove back over here. Mom has a good sized knot on her forehead, which I imagine will be a nice, big bruise in a day or so, but otherwise, she seemed okay. Mary, our nurse, arrived shortly after I did and checked her out.

Tonight, I ordered a chair alarm – something we hadn’t thought of previously, but apparently it helps quite a bit with a resident at Crandall House who is a serious fall risk.

Without going into a lot of detail, I am VERY pleased with HomeReach; I truly feel that we (both Jess and I *and* our Eason House family) have another level of support now, that we probably needed awhile ago. Before Mary left, she had ordered a bedside pad so that if Mom rolls out of bed, the pad will be there. We also can lower her (hospital) bed down to the floor. She also ordered a geri chair which will be delivered tomorrow. I definitely think that is going to be helpful.

We are still discussing whether or not Freidenberg will continue to consult… that’s up in the air. Our team is meeting tomorrow and that is on the agenda.

Hospice nurse will be back Thursday and then doc will visit on Friday.

After all the commotion this afternoon, I ran to Walgreen’s, then decided to stop at home to change clothes and grab food. While I was there, a delivery came – and OH MY GOODness! What a surprise! A box from Crumbs bakery – a half dozen cupcakes the size of my head! Vanilla cake with coconut frosting. Out of this world. A dear sweet friend, realizing how much I love Crumbs, had them sent. I burst into tears when I saw who they were from. Overwhelming kindness… Once again, reminding me that this experience is making me want to be a better person. Thank you, beautiful Christy.

I need to write a quick post for Caregivers, then I’m going to try to get some sleep while Mom sleeps. I’m exhausted.