I received an email from a gentleman that worked for my mom when she retired in 1998 … a simple email, but what a gift. It included an email exchange between the two of them from 18 years ago, in 1994. I can’t explain how amazing it is to read something she wrote before her illness…her actual words. Typed with her actual fingers. The things we take for granted…

Of course this is also a testament to the way she touched the lives of everyone she met. That, I would have to agree, is the definition of a legacy.

I thought I would share.


...your mother influenced hundreds of lives (and careers) and I came across a personal example I wanted to share with you.  It’s an old PROFS communication I shared with Marilyn over 18 years ago and I just found it when I was cleaning out my archives. This one I think I’ll hold on to.

It was one of those Underwriting Schools that she led and all of us left highly motivated and feeling good about our jobs.  Your mom had that kind of an effect on us, and the true measure of a person’s legacy is how they inspire others to success.  To that I would say “well done, Marilyn, well done”.      

I hope you don’t mind me sending this to you; I just felt you should see it.  My guess is that there were many other notes sent to her that were just like this one.

To: NAPOLEM –VMC      Marilyn Napoletan

From: D
SOCRO Personal Lines Underwriting
Ext. 6439
Subject: Underwriting #401 School
Marilyn, just a note to thank you again for another enjoyable school.
Cindy summed it up in telling you how special you are to all of us, but
I’d like to add some things to what she said.  I attended my first school
March ’88, and in every school since, you’ve always been sure that we kept
our perspective about things.  You never let us forget that there is a human
element involved, and that we should bear that in mind as we function in our
business environment.  These lessons also carry over to life, and those are
guidelines you won’t find in the “blue pages”…You also made sure that all
of us knew how important we were and you made us feel good about what we do. In underwriting, that’s not easy, but you did it.  I hope that this is not my
last class with you, but if it is, I’m sure the better for all that you have
taught me.  I feel that I’m speaking for many, many others…..
Regards & Thanks, D

*MSG FROM: NAPOLEM –VMC      TO: D –VMC               10/26/94 07:17:06
To: D –VMC

FROM: Marilyn Napoletan, Underwriting, x5912
Subject: Underwriting #401 School
You are too kind!  I just got back from a long weekend vaca and your
note topped off the time away.  I hope this will not be the last school
that you are able to attend.  Hopefully, we will pull together some of
the community underwriters next year to share info and ideas on how best
to work in an independent environment.  Also, please don’t forget to
give me a call and we can go to dinner when you are in Columbus.  I
have certainly seen you grow tremendously in the past few years and
I know you will be a fantastic community underwriter.  There is a
fine line between being that team and still maintaining your
underwriting perspective….I know you can handle that very effectively.
D, thanks again, for the kind words.  It is people like you who make
my job easy.  I can’t imagine how much I would have missed if I had
never taken this job.  It has been an extremely rewarding part of my
life.  Have a great week and stay in touch!!