As Jess and I did some running around today, I felt like I was operating in slow motion… Getting things taken care of, but I’m in a bit of a fog. I think within a 10 minute span, I run through the entire spectrum of possible emotions. I’ve gotten so many messages from old friends of Mom’s and almost every single one brings tears. It is wonderful to know she meant so much to so many people… I really hope she knew that.

We had an appointment at the funeral home today, and while I was dreading it, the experience was made as painless as possible by a wonderful funeral director. For anyone local needing that service, I would recommend Southwick, Good, & Fortkamp on North High in Clintonville. Family owned, lovely place, and very compassionate people. It’s good to have that task scratched off the to do list.

Jess and I also ran by Eason House to drop off a few things and bring a couple of boxes home. All that’s left is a dresser, her clothes, and a few miscellaneous items which we’ll get later in the week. The house feels very strange. So quiet. So different. My mom definitely added a special energy to the place.

It felt good to see the sweet ladies, though, and spending some time with Mary made me smile. Of all the ladies, she is definitely the most like my mom. Maybe that’s why I have a special place for her in my heart. She started to cry as I was leaving, and I told her to think happy thoughts; that it always helps make us feel better when we’re sad. She looked into my eyes, smiled, and said, “Yes, I will do that.” ♥

I wrote this piece for Caregivers today…. The End of a Journey: Until We Meet Again

Thank you all for your support…