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As I was driving to the funeral home this afternoon to pick Mom up, I was apprehensive… unsure of how I would feel when I got there. This was just one of those things that had to be done, regardless, and I knew there was no way to predict where my emotions would be at that moment.

It’s cold and dreary today in Ohio, and there’s a light coating of snow on the ground. As I drove toward my destination, I couldn’t help but notice the dark clouds in the sad gray sky. Seemed fitting. But then I realized the sun was behind those thick clouds and subtle as subtle could be, God’s rays were radiating through them. That had to be a sign that things were going to be alright… Before I could get a picture, they were gone.

I arrived at the funeral home and was greeted by a friendly face holding a turquoise-colored plastic shopping bag. Could have really been any shopping bag, but it wasn’t. (((Sigh)))  More than slightly unsettling to think all that is left of my mom’s earthly self was tucked away in that bag along with two small candle urns, a guest book, prayer cards, and thank you notes. That quintessential moment when you quickly realize that too much thinking is a very bad thing… the time to shift focus back to the beauty and serenity of God’s rays.