To the degree that it’s possible, today’s Caregivers’ piece, Life After Loss: Seven Weeks Later, describes where my head is. I can’t seem to find the words – or put them together properly – to truly convey the plethora of conflicting thoughts and emotions floating around in my mind. Each day holds something slightly different, and today there was a moment when I found myself wishing beyond words that I could have just one more hug… just one. Whether we care to admit it or not, at the end of the day no matter how old we are, there’s still a child within. Today, I guess my inner child was yearning for a mom hug – a sort of comfort that nothing else in this world can replace.

I hope you’ll also take a minute to read a brilliant piece by Elaine Mansfield. Elaine writes so beautifully; it’s as if you’re right there soaking up these once in a lifetime special moments with her. The experience she describes in My Mother’s Blessing: Touching Hearts With An Alzheimer’s Patient will take you from tears to joy and back again… it’s incredibly moving.