mom…Memorial Day – a time to remember all who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom. So many young lives lost much, much too soon. May God bless and keep them, and bring peace and comfort to their families.

I remember as a little girl, Memorial Day was also a time to visit the cemetery, bring fresh flowers, and clean up grandma and grandpa’s graves. These days, things are a little different, I guess. Cremation is often chosen as opposed to traditional burial, so those visits to the cemetery are becoming a thing of the past.

Mom’s ashes are still tucked away safely, on a shelf in my bedroom. I imagine they’ll be there awhile. She always talked about wanting to be sprinkled out west, perhaps along the rugged Oregon coastline that she loved so much. I hope the day comes when I feel ready to give her that final gift. Right now, I really can’t even imagine opening that box… Someday, but not yet. Not quite yet.
Hug your loved ones today….