I’m always puzzled as to how a week can drag on forever and fly by at the same time. It was one of those weeks for me and I’m mentally exhausted.

Angel’s Perch

Obviously, the best news of the week is that the Columbus screening of Angel’s Perch is now SET for Aug 14 at AMC Easton… with one caveat – we must sell 75 tickets by Aug 7 or the event will be canceled. Please help us make this happen; plan to come out and see this film that’s getting great reviews! Get your tickets now –> Reserve Tickets

This Week on Caregivers

Did you know July is National Sandwich Generation Month? There’s no question the number of people raising children while simultaneously caring for aging parents is on the increase. Monday on Caregivers, I did a piece entitled 9 Sanity Saving Resources for Sandwich Generation Month sharing some wonderful websites and books that might make the journey a little easier.

On Wednesday, I looked at four different products aimed at helping your loved one maintain a bit of independence. They may rely on you for more and more each day, but each little task they can do for themselves gives them a sense of purpose and satisfaction. 4 Products to Help With Maintaining Independence introduces a fantastic med box, complete with talking reminders, an easy-to-operate television remote control, a phone designed for the elderly and memory impaired, and a clock/calendar that won’t leave them asking “Is it dinnertime yet?” every hour on the hour. (((smile)))

A Great Book to Help Kids Understand ALZ

Finally, this week’s Alzheimer.net post is a review of Max Wallack’s fantastic new children’s book, Why Did Grandma Put Her Underwear in the Refrigerator?  Beautifully written and drawing on Max’s personal experience growing up with his beloved great grandmother who had ALZ, it’s a book we can all benefit from. Grab your copy today – I highly recommend it!