sunshineLast week was a busy one.. the heat has hit Central Ohio full force and we have been sweltering! It took awhile, but it appears as though summer is here.

Monday (July 15) marked 7 months since my dear mom went to Heaven and I’ve been thinking about her so much. On Thursday, driving home from work, I had one of those moments where for a split second it didn’t seem possible that she’s really gone. Those tend to be followed by what feels like a very hard punch in the stomach… I wonder if that will go on forever…

One of the ladies at Eason House passed away suddenly last week. She was 93, but you would have never guessed it from looking at her! I always told her what beautiful skin she had and she would just beam and say, “I’m 90 years old, you know…” She will be missed, but it makes my heart smile to think of her now reunited with her beloved husband. I imagine Dr. E. was waiting at Heaven’s gates and greeted his wife with open arms…

Hospital Wristband Project

Monday’s Caregivers post was on Gary LeBlanc’s Alzheimer’s/Dementia Hospital Wristband Project. Gary is doing extraordinary work in Florida and provided an update toward the end of the week. Seems as though the pilot is a go for September 3rd and things are falling into place (with a ton of hard work, no doubt).

It is official. We have a starting date. Starting September 3rd, all dementia patients will have the Purple Angel Logo attached to their wristbands at Brooksville Regional Hospital. Training for all hospital staff in Dementia Care will be held in 8 sessions, 4 mornings and 4 evenings in order to cover all hospital personal staring around Aug. 18th. (Still fine tuning the training dates.) The training will be done by the Alzheimer’s Association Gulf Coast Chapter.

Keep up the fantastic work, Gary!

Life After Caregiving

Elaine Mansfield and Martha Stettinius were kind enough to allow me to interview them for Thursday’s Caregivers piece. I had been reflecting on how the past 9 years truly changed who I am and wanted to write about it. Having been caregivers themselves, Elaine and Martha provided insightful thoughts, discussing how their own journeys resulted in personal transformation.

Angel’s Perch

I did a post about the recently released movie Angel’s Perch on this week. This indie film sets aside the statistics we so commonly hear in favor of putting a face on the disease. Featuring the stunning backdrop and history of lovely Cass, West Virginia, it promises to have something for everyone.

I’m still hard at work promoting a Columbus screening, which is scheduled for 8/14 at the Easton AMC 30. The catch? We’re required to have 75 seats reserved for purchase by 8/7. We’re almost halfway there with about two weeks left to go. If you’re in the area and would like to join us for this special evening, please reserve your tickets today!

Until next time, here’s wishing everyone a peaceful week. Keep cool and carry on!