Image-1Today marks nine months since Mom left this earth… The stack of cards and notes received upon her passing still sits in the same place it was in December. I keep thinking I’ll sit and read all of them one evening, but the time just hasn’t felt right.


We’ve started to think and talk about what we’ll do to mark her birthday next month and then how we’ll spend December 15th. They should be days filled with love and laughter; that’s what Mom would have wanted after all…

I miss her so, so much… Fall was always her favorite time of year, and when we went to pick apples last weekend, I couldn’t help but remember the many times we’d visited that same orchard together over the years. Joyful memories to be sure.4M team.2013.c

Walking to #ENDALZ

Yesterday was our local Walk to End Alzheimer’s and what an event it was. A perfect crisp, cool autumn morning welcomed us to Huntington Park; the sun shone brightly as our ALZ angels smiled down on our new venue. The Central Ohio event has grown by leaps and bounds since 2009 when Marilyn’s Mighty Memory Makers were born. In five years, our little team has raised over $13,390 for Alzheimer’s research and programs, but there is much work yet to be done!

Here are a few photos from our special day in Columbus, Ohio…


Arriving at the ballpark, bright and early… a beautiful day.




Opening ceremonies…


Jennifer Sega, the most AWESOME event organizer in the world! With hubby Bob, team photographer extraordinaire.


Look at that glorious blue sky…



Honor, remember, care, fight, – and love.


The event brought out men, women, children…. and birds…. of all ages!




Entering the field, nearing the finish.



And we’ll keep doing it until there’s no more need.