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PLEASE contact your representatives… please. If you aren’t sure who or how, click here to find your House representative and here to find your Senate representatives.

We MUST let Washington know that we’re mad as hell and need their support NOW.

When I was in DC at the WomenAgainstAlzheimer’s Out of the Shadows Summit earlier in the month, we heard research leaders Reisa Sperling (Brigham and Women’s, Harvard), Kate Zhong (Cleveland Clinic), and others, talking about the great work being done in labs across the country. Hope is there, we just need funding to match that of the other leading causes of death: cancer, heart disease, and HIV/AIDS.

Don’t think your voice doesn’t count. You + your neighbor + his brother + his co-worker + her neighbor + so on and so on and so on. It’s time to make this a movement, just like the movement to cure cancer and HIV/AIDS. Time is of the essence.

What do we want them to do?

  • Increase funding for the National Institute on Aging by at least $100 million from the fiscal year 2014 level.
  • Recognize the immense contributions of family caregivers by enacting the Social Security Caregiver Credit Act.
  • Honor Legendary Coach and Alzheimer’s champion Pat Summitt with the Congressional Gold Medal.

200 vs 465