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I kept very busy this week – the week before Mother’s Day. There’s no avoiding it – Mother’s Day is everywhere! However, by maintaining a packed schedule and having a few Alzheimer’s projects to focus on, I was able to stay out of my head.

It helps to recognize the problem; for me, too much thinking is never a good thing. Thinking about projects or work or writing is different – I’m referring to “idle thinking.” Like clockwork, without something to keep my mind busy, it wanders off to unpleasant places and takes up residence. It’s a very slippery slope.

Keeping Mom’s Memory Alive

Jess and I are planning our first annual #ENDALZ Amazing Race. The event will honor my mom, raise money for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and be tons of fun, which she would have loved! We’re hoping it will be successful enough to become an annual tradition. Because this is a learning year, we’re keeping it fairly small but it’s amazing the amount of planning it takes to pull something like this off. It’s the perfect place to direct my thoughts and energy.

Eason HouseKeeping Mom’s memory alive is so important to me, not only on Mother’s Day, but also year ‘round. Events like our Amazing Race help to do that, along with this blog, other writings, and my volunteer and advocacy work. But there are simple things that honor her as well. Living in a way that would make her proud is at the top of the list along with being happy – I know she would want that more than anything.

Getting a Grasp on Reality

Even after almost 2 ½ years, I have flashes where the fact that she’s gone hits my reality like a ton of bricks. It’s interesting how the mind works, isn’t it? When those moments creep up on me, the pain of realizing I can’t hug her, talk to her, or laugh with her is intense. There’s nothing to do but ride it out and sometimes that means crying it out. I don’t know if I’ll ever fully grasp that I no longer have a mother.

It helps to think of her reunited with her parents, beloved sister, Shirley, and favorite aunt, Helen. When I’m in that place where I can imagine them together, I see nothing but smiles, love, and laughter. It’s such a comforting, joyful thought…

Her Legacy

Mother’s Day is a time for honoring her legacy. Whether your mother is still with you in this world or has passed on to another, spend some time on Sunday thinking about what she means to you. And, if you have the opportunity, tell her those things while you still can. As for me, I miss my sweet mom more than I can express.

Here are some words that come to mind when I think of her…

Feel free to share your own stories and memories of your mom by leaving a comment!