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This is a big week in the world of Alzheimer’s research. More than 4,000 scientists hailing from at least 65 countries are gathered in Washington, DC, for the 2015 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference. From Sunday until Thursday, the most brilliant minds in science, almost half from outside the United States, will collaborate in the interest of advancing Alzheimer’s research.

Hopeful News

In this NPR article, Marcia Taylor of biotech company Treventis describes a compound they are currently working on that targets both beta-amyloid and tau to prevent tangles from forming. According to Taylor, the compound works in a test tube and is now being tested in animals.

Fernando Goni of NYU describes a potential treatment that could help not only people with Alzheimer’s, but also individuals living with Parkinson’s and Lewy Body Dementia – an exciting prospect. Goni’s monoclonal antibodies work like “guided missiles to find and neutralize” tau and amyloid clumps in the brain. He says studies in mice indicate the treatment can actually reverse symptoms of the disease.

Image Source: http://www.alz.org

Finally, a potential treatment comes from NeuroPhage Pharmaceuticals. When Beka Solomon was a researcher Tel Aviv University in Israel, she accidentally discovered that a virus she was using for another purpose seemed to reverse Alzheimer’s in mice. Additional research yielded a treatment that appears to work for both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. NeuroPhage plans enroll participants in Phase 1 trails in 2016

News Releases

We will see news releases from the Alzheimer’s Association throughout the conference, including these from the first two days of meetings.

Researchers Report New Ways To Predict The Development Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Promising New Treatments For Alzheimer’s Target Multiple Disease-Related Proteins, May Have Benefits For Several Brain Diseases

Childhood School Performance And Type 1 Diabetes Identified As Risk Factors For Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia

New Analysis Shows More Than 28 Million Baby Boomers Will Develop Alzheimer’s Disease; Will Consume Nearly 25% Of Medicare Spending

Lifetime Acheivement Awards Presented To Four Leading Researchers At Alzheimer’s Association International Conference®

Metlife Foundation And GHR Foundation Honored At Alzheimer’s Association International Conference®

Two Leading Researchers Receive 2015 MetLife Foundation Awards for Medical Research at Alzheimer’s Association International Conference®

Stay tuned for more as the week unfolds.